Advance Fires

Discover the convenience and style of our advanced fires. With our range of modern designs and innovative features, you can easily add a touch of elegance to any room.


Spectrum Fires

A stylish collection of electric fireplaces known for quality and modern design, offering efficient heating and ambiance to enhance any space.


Wall Mounted

The perfect blend of warmth and entertainment, these electric fireplaces hang elegantly on your wall, enhancing your space with a touch of coziness and modern style.

  • BBQ's

    Enhance outdoors with our stylish fireplaces. Warmth, ambiance, cooking – all in one. Elevate gatherings safely.

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  • Firepits

    Ignite outdoor allure with our fire pits. Embrace warmth, ambiance, and culinary adventures in one captivating centerpiece. Elevate gatherings safely and stylishly.

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  • Ethanol Burners

    Experience the magic of ethanol burners. Elevate your space with captivating, eco-friendly flames and versatile design. Redefine warmth and ambiance effortlessly.

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  • Designer Fireplaces

    Immerse yourself in luxury with our designer fireplaces. Elevate your space with exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated style, and the mesmerizing dance of flames.

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