InsureShield By UPS Capital

InsureShield by UPS Capital

Online shoppers buy millions of products every single day that ship cross country. Yet many of these products never reach their final destination due to loss, theft, or damage. The team here at Starfire Direct does the best we can to protect every product before it ships, but despite our best efforts, shipping carriers still manage to find a way to damage or lose orders. This always leaves, both you the customer and us the shipper, feeling frustrated that this happened. That's when the real fun begins where we have to file a claim and play the "waiting game" for approval. So irritating!

Porch Piracy

1 out of 3 Americans have had unattended packages stolen off their property, leaving both the shipper and customer trying to figure out what the next steps are. And it only gets worse every year, especially during the holiday season where Porch Pirates will drive the neighborhood looking for unattended packages hoping for a quick grab-and-go escape. People that steal from others are the worst! But with InsureShield, you don't have to worry! When you insure your order during checkout, our Starfire Direct Customer Service Representatives are able to file a claim INSTANTLY on the customer's behalf and expedite a replacement order without having to wait days, weeks, or even months for approval! This ensures you have a great experience, despite the fact your package was stolen. And it makes our team happy too, since we're able to resolve your stolen claim typically on that very same call! What a relief!!

Lost Shipments

Have you ever had a "Delivery Exception" with an order you placed online? The simple truth is that the carrier lost your package. When that happens, there's little that the customer or shipper can do to locate it, considering how many packages ship every single day it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. When you add InsureShield to your order, you never have to worry about a lost shipment! In the event your order is lost or there's a delivery exception, just reach out to our customer service department and we'll submit a replacement order on the same call! InsureShield makes it easy for us to make a claim and process a replacement order. Lost shipments, no problem!

Damaged Shipments

Despite our best efforts to protect your order prior to shipping, it is inevitable that sooner or later, something you order will be damaged in transit.  It happens.  When your item gets damaged, a lengthy claim process happens with the shipping company that can take weeks or months to resolve.

Not with InsureShield!  If your item is damaged during transit, just reach out to our customer service department with a photo and description of what is damaged.  We'll immediately order the replacement part or replace the entire item if it cannot be repaired.  This typically happens on the same initial call!

What Items Are Covered?

Just about everything on our website can be covered with InsureShield, up to $10,000!

How Much Does InsureShield Cost?

When you add your items to the shopping cart, the InsureShield cost will update according to the price of the items in your cart.  This amount is generally just under 1% of your entire order.

So, for example, if you're spending $500, you can expect to pay just under $5 for shipping insurance.  If you're spending $1500, insurance is just under $15.  And if you're spending $4000, you can expect to pay about $40.  Not bad at all!